This study is a complete business investigation on 60,000,000 small and medium-sized companies and large enterprises which were chosen randomly from all countries of the world. Different features of these 60 million companies were investigated which resulted in various interesting business data and analytics that are worthwhile to know!  

Company Names Stats and Facts refer to statistical data and information related to the naming trends, popularity, and characteristics of company names, but specific details may vary depending on the context and available research.

Company URL Finder (CUF) is professional in gathering companies’ data and has collected the contacts and information of over 250 million companies from all over the world in its comprehensive company database. We selected 60 million of these companies accidentally to observe and check various features of them for this study. Don’t miss the result! That’s efficient and noteworthy!

First of all, you may ask where these 60 million companies that participated in this research are from. Are they registered in Asian, American, Australian, European, or African countries? And what about their category and type of business? Are they active in agricultural, construction, pharmaceutical, trading, marketing, or too many other industries!? So the issues of origin and company category, first of all, are investigated in this research.

After mentioning where these companies are exactly from and in which industries they are registered and work, we will start to read more about the following features of these 60 million companies including:

  • A complete investigation has been done on all the social networks in which these 60 million companies have pages in. What is the most used social app and which one is less attractive among these 60 million companies? As we all know, social networks have become more significant among businesses because they can act as the showcase of companies to attract customers and sometimes they can even be more helpful than companies’ websites! Therefore it would be helpful to know that in which social channel more companies are investing.
  • How many companies’ names are started with each letter of alphabet and what is the most repetitive or perhaps the most favorite letter in start of these 60 million companies’ names? You will see that some letters of alphabet have been used much more!
  • The length of companies’ names was studied too. How many companies’ names have less than 5 letters? How many are longer than 5 letters and so on? The whole 60 million companies’ names are studied in terms of length.
  • The length of companies’ domain names was investigated. They are reported in different groups based on the number of letters. Which one do you prefer: a short domain or a long one? Read this article to see which one was more attractive among these 60 million companies!

Where are 60 million companies of our study from!?

First of all, we need to know the location and country of these 60 million companies. It is really important to mention that all these companies were chosen randomly from all countries of the world. In fact, the process of company selection was done completely accidentally and randomly.

This excel FILE includes the list of countries which shows exactly how many companies are chosen from each country. However, the ten first countries from which more companies were selected are mentioned in the below chart.

As you see above, the United States with over 16 million companies in the first country studied in this article.  However, the USA has the highest number of companies worldwide!  

The United Kingdom with around 5 million companies is in second place. China and India are respectively in third and fourth place, each one with 2~3 million companies in this research.

Around 1.8 million of the companies of this study are related to Brazil and 1.6 million to Germany. Japan with around 1.3 million is in seventh place and after that France with around 1 million. As you see Canada and Italy are in ninth and tenth place.

The demonstrated chart shows only the first 10 countries with the highest number of companies in this investigation. To see the complete list of countries that participated in this study, please click HERE.

In which industries are 60 million companies of this study active in?

After knowing the origin of this 60 million business, it’s time to investigate the industries in which these companies are working and active in. It is worthy of note that the companies in this study are from 164 different industries. As you know every small or large firm is classified into different industries based on the products and services they provide and the markets they cater to.

As you see above, most of the companies that participated in this investigation are registered as “Security and Investigation” businesses in their counties (around 2.5 million). This sector includes the businesses involved in the provision of private security and investigation services, technical security, and risk management services.

After that “Automotive”, “Management Consulting” and “Market Research” are respectively in the second to fourth place, each one with around 1~2 million companies. Management consulting organizations are responsible for helping companies to boost their performance and gain more benefits. Market research companies are also the ones that provide the data of target markets and clients for corporations to help them beat the business competition.

Other industries have less than 1 million companies in this research. The “Restaurant” industry is in fifth place. Over 900,000 restaurants participate in this study. “Construction”, “Retail”, “Information Technology and Services”, “Real Estate” and “Wholesale” are respectively after restaurants.

Companies were chosen completely accidentally and we had no role in the selection of industries and companies’ categories. As mentioned before these are only the first 10 industries of this article, to see the whole list of these companies’ categories, please click HERE.

After taking a brief look at the origin and area of expertise of these 60 million firms and enterprises, we start to study various features of them and report the extracted attractive results in text and charts.

A thorough study of 60 million companies’ social networks

Today, social apps help companies and businesses to interact with both their clients and fans easier and faster. The companies that do not take advantage of using social networks for their brands are missing out on rapid, cheap, and efficient methods of connecting with people and lead generation. Social apps are the perfect tools to increase brand awareness, generate leads, boost website traffic, and improve sales. 

Now an important question arises! Among all these different social apps with various facilities and abilities, which of them is more popular among companies and corporations? Which of them meet and cover the requirements of firms more completely? And which of them is designed exclusively for business purposes?

The most famous social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram of 60 million companies were investigated in this research to find the answer to the above questions and find the most famous of them among firms.

To see which of these 5 main social apps was used by most of the 60 million companies that participated in the CUF study and which one was the least used app, examine the bellow charts.

As you see above, LinkedIn is the most used social network and around 24 million companies that participated in this study have official pages on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the most famous social app for professionals and business people where sellers and exporters can find clients for their products and services, unemployed people can find jobs, and professionals can share their business experiences and learn more. LinkedIn is a good showcase of businesses’ achievements and goals.

So it is not astounding that most of these 60 million companies have pages on LinkedIn. Nowadays every smart CEO opens a page in LinkedIn on the first day of establishing any startup, firm, or organization to share their experiences, achievements, contacts, products’ images and so many other interesting facts about their business to the whole world. It is worth mentioning that today opening LinkedIn pages for companies is as significant as establishing business websites! LinkedIn marketing has become more prevalent and many marketers spend most of their time in LinkedIn to find buyers for their products and services or goods to purchase.

After LinkedIn, which social platform was more attractive for these 60 million companies to open the page in? As you see in the above chart, Facebook is the most popular social network among these 60 million companies after LinkedIn and almost 23.6 million of them have official pages on Facebook! As you see the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is insignificant.

Facebook with 2.85 billion monthly active users was the largest social media platform in 2021! Therefore it is not strange that 23.6 million companies of our study have pages in it! Smart firm managers never lose a platform where 2.85 billion users are active per month! Firms can share the images or films of their products through this low-cost marketing strategy and make deep relationships with existing and potential customers. This is a perfect channel to raise your brand awareness as it is famous in all countries of the world.  

The third-place belongs to Twitter with 12.3 million companies– a big difference with LinkedIn and Facebook! However, Twitter as an online social networking site where people communicate in short messages is more famous than YouTube and Instagram among these 60 million companies. Remember that Twitter is a great way of communicating with people, customers, and potential clients and companies can make their relationship deeper and more effective with customers. Many people know Twitter as heaven for marketers!

Two remaining social apps –YouTube and Instagram- both have attracted below 10 million of these companies! Around 7.8 million of these 60 million companies have pages in YouTube social app and only 5.3 million of them have pages on Instagram!

YouTube concentrates on videos – a perfect channel where people can watch your company’s videos, like, share or comment on them. Remember that producing videos from your products, factory, office, and even your employees have a great influence on customers and are a sign that you pay attention to them. Did you know that 55% of marketers use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy!?

Instagram is also a popular app among most people of the world but it is not very famous among companies and corporations. Many people prefer to use Instagram for sharing their moments with friends and family and they do not like it as a business platform. What about you? However, it is recommended by many business consultants that companies should not miss out on any social app that can lead them to new customers even if it is not very likely!

How many companies’ names are started with each letter of alphabet?

What is the first letter of your company name? Was there any reason behind its selection or was it just by accident? It would be interesting to know how many companies’ names are started with each letter of the alphabet! Isn’t it!?

It means that how many of these 60 million companies are started with A, B, C, and so on. The result is really surprising as there is a huge difference between the letters! What is the first letter that most names are started with that? And if you want to know which letters are less attractive, examine the bellow charts.

As the results demonstrate, “S” is the most used letter at the start of the names of these 60 million companies. Almost 5.5 million of the companies” names that participated in this research are started with the letter “S” which is equivalent to 12%!  

Letter “A” with around 4.5 million companies is in second place that consisting of 10% of the companies participating in this research. The third place belongs to the letter “M” with around 4 million companies (10%).  

It is interesting to know that “X” is the letter with the lowest attractiveness and only around 254,000 of these 60 million companies’ names are started with “X”. Letter “Q” is also a low used letter and only 287,000 companies’ names of this investigation are started with “Q”. As you see in the charts, “Y”, “Z”, and “U” are other less used letters.

Do you think there was any reason behind the selection of the first letter of companies’ names? Or it was just a matter of accident. However, the companies’ tendency to choose a certain letter may depend on many features like the culture of their country that should be studied in other investigations.

The length of companies’ domain names

Have you ever thought about the number of letters in your business domain name!? What is the best domain name length in your view? Generally speaking, a short website domain name that is based on the name of the company is the best choice! The shorter, the better!

However various factors affect the choice of domain names and sometimes we have no way unless we choose a long one.

We should consider the fact that short website domains had been sold many years ago and it is difficult for new companies to find a short one unless they purchase it at expensive prices! What is the solution if we do not want to pay thousands of dollars for a short website domain but still want it to be great?

We recommend you choose a brandable and unique domain name if a short one is not available. Be creative and do not be frightened of new ideas!

Another factor that has been studied on these 60 million companies is the length of their domain names. They are classified into 5 main groups based on the number of letters:

The results can be seen below pictures.

As you see, the domains of most of these 60 million companies have less than 3 letters! It means that most companies’ owners and CEOs are aware of the importance of short domain names! What we said before: the shorter, the better!

Short and unique domain names stick in mind and are forgotten hard. But long and difficult domain names are forgotten easily. Over 11 million of the companies (29%) that participated in this study have domain names with less than 3 letters.

The domain names with 4-7 numbers of letters are in the second group. Still, companies persist on short domain names!  Around 8.7 million of these 60 million companies have domain names with 4-7 letters.

The third large group consists of the companies whose domains have 11-15 letters. Around 8.5 million of them (10%) have 11-15 letters. After that, the domains with 8-10 letters are in fourth place (6.2 million companies).

And it is worth mentioning that only 8% of these 60 million companies have domain names with over 15 letters! In other words, 2.9 million companies that participated in this study have domain names longer than 15 letters.

We should consider the fact that many company owners have to choose long domain names because short ones are taken and many of them persist in using their company name as a domain name. They prefer both of them to be the same to remain better in mind.

The length of companies’ names

How long is your company name? Due to the limit of human short-term memory, isn’t it better to pick up small company names!? But because of various rules of countries and also the fact that most company names are taken and registered before, it is not an easy job to find and select a small name!

Think a little about the famous short company names that have become brands and stick in our minds. Apple, Google, Sony, and Nike are some of them!

Now let us take a look at 60 million companies that participated in this investigation to see how long their names are. They are classified into 5 groups as you see in bellow table.

The first chart below shows the number of companies in each group in million. And the second chart demonstrates the results based on percentage.

As you see above, most of the 60 million companies that participated in this study have names with over 20 letters! So unlike domain names that were studied in the previous part, company names are longer! In other words, around 33.1 million of the companies had names with over 20 letters!

The important point is that the second big group is related to companies with names that have 16-20 letters. 12.5 million of them have names with 16-20 letters. The third place is related to the 11~15 letters group. And after that 6~10 letter is in the next group. And only 1% of them have 1~5 letters!

It is clear that most of the company’s names are long and short ones are not common, exactly unlike the domain names. 

Related Questions & Answers

How to choose company name?

Choosing a company name is an important step in establishing your business identity. Here are some key considerations to help you in the process:

  1. Reflect your brand: Your company name should align with your brand and convey the essence of your business. Consider your target audience, industry, and values when brainstorming name ideas. It should be memorable, unique, and relevant to your products or services.
  2. Check availability: Before finalizing a name, it’s crucial to ensure its availability and legality. Conduct a thorough search to check if the name is already in use by another business, both locally and globally. You can check with your local business registry or use online resources to verify name availability and trademark conflicts.
  3. Consider domain availability: In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential. Check the availability of domain names that match your company name to ensure consistency across your website and email addresses.
  4. Simplicity and clarity: Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. Avoid complex or confusing names that may create communication or branding challenges.
  5. Future scalability: Consider your long-term business goals and expansion plans when selecting a name. Ensure it is broad enough to accommodate potential diversification or geographic expansion.

Remember, choosing a company name is a creative process that requires careful thought and consideration. It’s advisable to involve stakeholders, conduct market research, and seek feedback to make an informed decision that resonates with your target audience and supports your business objectives.

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