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abdelfatah kotb, With an exceptional h-index of 1 and a recent h-index of 1 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at Assiut University, specializes in the field of food science.

His recent articles reflect a diverse array of research interests and contributions to the field:

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food science

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Effect of fat extraction methods on the fatty acids composition of bovine milk using gas chromatography

Milk fat is a complex natural fat and contains around 400 fatty acids. The objectives of this study were to extract fat from bovine milk using two different methods, including Bligh and Dyer and Mojonnier, and to determine the fatty acid content in the extracted fats using gas chromatography (GC). No differences (p > .05) were detected in the fat content and fatty acids content as a percentage of total fat (FA%TF) extracted using both methods. No differences (p > .05) were detected in some saturated fatty acids (SFAs) and unsaturated fatty acids (USFAs) extracted from both methods, such as C11:0 (undecylic acid), C16:0 (palmitic acid), C18:0 (stearic acid), C14:1 (myristoleic acid), and C16:1 (palmitoleic acid). However, the majority of SFAs were different (p < .05) in Mojonnier method as compared to Bligh and Dyer method and vice versa for USFAs. The short (6.54% vs. 5.95%) and medium (21.86% vs. 20.73%) chains …


Asmaa HM Moneeb,Ahmed RA Hammam,Abdelfatah KA Ahmed,Mahmoud E Ahmed,Khalid A Alsaleem


Food Science & Nutrition

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What is abdelfatah kotb's h-index at Assiut University?

The h-index of abdelfatah kotb has been 1 since 2020 and 1 in total.

What are abdelfatah kotb's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

Effect of fat extraction methods on the fatty acids composition of bovine milk using gas chromatography

are the top articles of abdelfatah kotb at Assiut University.

What are abdelfatah kotb's research interests?

The research interests of abdelfatah kotb are: food science

What is abdelfatah kotb's total number of citations?

abdelfatah kotb has 5 citations in total.


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