Abdelaziz Aldeib

Abdelaziz Aldeib

Tanta University

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Abdelaziz Aldeib, With an exceptional h-index of 2 and a recent h-index of 2 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at Tanta University, specializes in the field of Epidemiology.

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Tanta University


Professor of Public Health & CommunityMedicine Faculty of Medicine Egypt



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Oral Health Status among Medical Students: A Comparative Study between Egyptian and Malaysian Students

Background Good oral health is a vital component of general health. Maintaining good oral hygiene via personal and specialized care is the best prevention for dental health problems. This study aimed to compare the oral health status and oral hygiene among Egyptian and Malaysian medical students studying at Tanta University, Egypt. Methods A comparative cross-sectional study was conducted among Egyptian and Malaysian students at Tanta faculty of medicine using WHO self-administered questionnaires to collect the data concerning their oral health status and oral hygiene habits. Results The study included 426 undergraduate medical students (202 Malaysian and 224 Egyptian), two thirds (66.4%) of Egyptian students had pain or discomfort in their teeth or mouth during the past twelve months compared to only 39.1% of Malaysian. One-third (33.7%) of Malaysian students reported the good condition of their teeth and gums compared to 37.5% of Egyptian students. Among Malaysian students, 65.8% reported daily brushing of their teeth twice or more, whereas only 28.1% of Egyptian students did, with statistically significant differences. Conclusion Defective oral hygienic practice was especially noted among Egyptian students necessitating the implementation of oral health promoting programs for children and adolescents.


Noha M Elghazally,Abdelaziz F Aldeib,Shimaa M Saied


The Egyptian Family Medicine Journal

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Dengue fever awareness: effect of an educational intervention on nursing students, Tanta, Egypt

Dengue fever (DF) is one of the world’s most important vector-borne illnesses. In 2017, Egypt experienced a dengue outbreak. This study aimed to assess the knowledge and attitudes of nursing students regarding DF and the effectiveness of an education intervention to improve students’ knowledge and attitude. An intervention study was conducted among 4th year nursing students of Tanta Faculty of Nursing using a self-administered predesigned validated questionnaire before and after introducing an educational session. The main DF information sources were formal teaching, social networks, television, and physicians. Less than half of the students (45.5%) had “good” knowledge grade after the intervention compared with only 7.2% in the pre-test. The students’ knowledge and attitude improved after the application of the intervention session. The positive impact of the educational intervention on knowledge and …


Abdelaziz F Aldeib,Shimaa M Saied


Environmental Science and Pollution Research

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What is Abdelaziz Aldeib's h-index at Tanta University?

The h-index of Abdelaziz Aldeib has been 2 since 2020 and 2 in total.

What are Abdelaziz Aldeib's top articles?

What are Abdelaziz Aldeib's research interests?

The research interests of Abdelaziz Aldeib are: Epidemiology

What is Abdelaziz Aldeib's total number of citations?

Abdelaziz Aldeib has 28 citations in total.


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